Soccer Camp at William Jewell College

Last summer Mari attended a soccer day camp with some girls from her soccer team.  This summer she attended a weeklong soccer camp at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri.  She arrived Sunday afternoon, afraid that her parents would get her there late.  But she made it on time, and found her room 230 in Eaton Hall.  Because there were an odd number of girls, Mari had a room to herself.  As we left on that first day, we snapped this picture of the girls assembling outside Eaton Hall.


On Monday, Mari called me three times.  Pretty much to let me know how much she needs a cellular telephone.  She was pretty excited with what she was doing, and really wanted me to see the neat drinking water hoses they have on the field at Jewell.  An ice chest filled with ice, and pressurized with a garden hose - it is a pretty clever water wagon.  I stopped by on Tuesday evening to deliver a book she’d forgotten, and to watch the evening session.


When I showed up Tuesday evening, I could tell it had been a long ninety degree plus day.  But there was still some life in her legs for some practice.  Even though it was June 21 (the most daylight of any day during the year), eventually the shadows grew long, the stadium lights came on, the group collected all of the their soccer balls, and prepared to head up the hill for a shower and then more pizza.  These two guys are assistant coaches for the camp, and this is our newest friend – Talia.


The camp was too short; Mari wished she could go for another week – a sign of a great experience, and this is a picture of the two head coaches with Mari.


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